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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text strings that the websites visited by the user send to the devices, where they are stored and relayed once the user visits the website again.
Cookies may perform different functions and have got different features. Cookies can be used both by the Data Controller and by Third Parties.
Here below you find all the information related to cookies used by the present website, together with the instructions which will help you to manage your cookies preferences.  

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Cookies used by the present website

The use of cookies is included in the Privacy Policy – General Conditions issued by the Data Controller, ALMA S.r.l. with its legal headquarter in Giussano (MB) – via Virgilio n. 9; for Privacy Policy pursuant to section 13 of the Italian Data Protection Code, please have a look at the Privacy Policy in our website’s footer.

1.Technical cookies that do not require user consent

  • Cookies used in order to perform activities strictly necessary for the functioning of the present website and for the provision of the service: this application uses cookies to store the user’s session and to carry out all the other activities which are strictly necessary for the functioning of the present website, e. g. regarding traffic distribution.
  • Cookies used in order to store user’s preferences and to optimize website functions: this application uses cookies to store user’s preferences and optimize the user’s surfing experience. Among these cookies: those to set language preferences.
  • Statistics cookies directly used by the website manager to collect information in an aggregated form: 

       This website uses statistics cookies by Third Parties (UIDP) to collect information in an aggregated form. They are set as technical cookies and the                 user’s IP is not traced (user’s data are not profiled at IP level); the data are not shared with the Third Party.

Access to Third Parties’ information:

Privacy Policy:

All technical cookies do not require the user’s consent: this is why they are installed automatically following the user accesses the website.

2.Cookies that require user’s consent

All cookies different from the above mentioned technical cookies are installed / activated only after the user’s consent to be released on the first visit on the website. The consent may be expressed in a general manner, by interacting with the cookie banner, according to the different modalities explained in the banner (e.g. by clicking on OK button or X banner; by continuing the visit on the website, by scrolling down or by a link); otherwise, the consent may be provided / not provided in a selective way, following the modalities below. Your consent will be tracked in occasion of different and future website visits. The user has, in any case, the right to revoke – at all or partially – the consent expressed.

Cookies managed by Third Parties: Through this website, Third Parties cookies are installed. Here below you find some instructions and a link to the Third Party privacy policy, together with the consent form. You can express your consent for the use of all cookies by continuing to visit this website or by closing this pop-up.

  1. Advertising | Profiling cookies : Cookies are used to provide advertisement based on the user’s interest shown through web navigation (OBA). 


Other technologies (es. plugin, widget, local storage, etc.)

Interaction with social networks and external platforms

Plugin: It is a program interacting with another one to enlarge or extend its original functions. The most commonly used plugins are those related to social networks; with a click, for example, they allow the user to follow a page or a social profile, or to show his/her approval on a web content and to share it on his profile of a social network, etc.

Widget: It is an element of a graphical user interface that provides a specific way for a user to interact with that program. The most commonly used widgets are those related to social networks. They allow the user to open social networks in a separate window of the browser in an easy way.  

These services make it possible to interact with social networks, or other external platforms, directly from the pages of a website. The interactions and the information potentially collected by the website are subject to the Privacy Policy conditions of the Third Party which created the above mentioned technologies. To get all details pursuant to Article 13 of the Privacy Code regarding the use of Personal Data by Third Parties when you use those technologies, please visit the Internet sites of the Third Parties managing such technologies. 

Here below you find the references of such Third Parties, together with a link to the specific page where you can get information about the data processing and, when envisaged by law, express or deny your consent:


Localstorage is a technology used to optimize navigation, which does not collect data on preferences expressed by the user (e.g. it stores a code which identifies the user’s session after login, to avoid the user to write username and password in each page of the profile when accessing the reserved areas).

Remember that you can manage your cookies preferences through browser setting

If you don’t know type/version of your browser, please click on “help” button in the up corner of this window. Here you’ll find all the necessary information.

If you know the type/version of your browser, please click on the corresponding link below to access the cookies managing page.

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