ALMA with its consumable products for vibrofinishing covers the whole range of specialties: media, polishing paste, chemical compounds, suitable for all metals (stainless steel, aluminum, iron, brass, zinc alloy).

The media for vibrofinishing vary depending on the type of formulation / mixture and form, which determine the specific function according to the finishing treatment to be performed.

These media can be:

Abrasive: grinding, deburring and smoothing

Auxiliary: wet polishing, burnishing

Vegetable: dry polishing, drying

The vibrofinishing pastes perform its function using as a "drive" the inertia of the media moving inside the machine. Based on the different organic binders and abrasives contained in the mixture, each individual type of vibrofinishing paste performs a specific action.

The chemical compounds provided by ALMA are designed for the vibrofinishing industry (as additives for deburring, smoothing, polishing and burnishing), as direct treatment on the metal with action both conservative (detergents, protective) and aggressive (pickling, descaling, blackening, bronzing).