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This system, based on the principle of water evaporation, is suitable for treating aqueous solutions containing solid and liquid contaminants with boiling point more than 110° C. The evaporator allows to reduce the volumes to be disposed, at low operating costs.

The types of water suitable to be treated with this system are the following:


  • Eluates produced by the regeneration of resins

  • Waste water from tumbling process after clarifification (it is possible to obtain an excellent performance even at high conductivity values)

  • Waste water from ball burnishing and wet polishing processes (after neutralization of foam

  • Waste water from osmosis units


Operating principle: the liquid to be treated is sprayed to the columns, in which are arranged appropriate coils heated with hot water. The heat exchange that takes place in this phase allows to vaporize the water contained in the waste water at low operating costs: for each cubic meter of evaporated water the operating cost is roughly 35 - 45 €.


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